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Default Re: Cooking/baking shisha vs. burning

Originally Posted by Roadie View Post
In regards to CO, I've blown directly on a CO detector throughtout an entire session just out of curiousity. It never went off. With coals fully lit, and never "burning" the shisha, only cooking it, I'm convinced there is no danger of CO poisoning.
Interesting experiment, but keep in mind that the problem with CO is that you're breathing it into your lungs, so there might be a reduced content if you're simply exhaling smoke onto the detector. Also, those kinds of detectors are meant to gauge the long-term, pervasive presence carbon monoxide. I'm not sure if it would be able to register from a few seconds of smoke passing over it, the way that a smoke detector probably would. Maybe ... who knows? Someone should try putting a detector in a closed garage with a running car and see how long it takes to go off.
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