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Question More and more white smoke...

Hey Guys!
Regards from Brazil!

Well, here in Brazil smoking hookah is half a pleasure and half also status.... The few guys like me who are using a narguile (how we call it here) are very popular, etc....
Well, its not my intention to be that popular but only thing is concerning me:

I know that the amount of smoke depends on the size of hookah, quantity of tobacco, etc.... But, here is the question:

- What can I do in order to get the more good flavoured white smoke from my hookahs? I mean, are there any tips I could use??

What kind of stuff can I do to produce more smoke till the end of the smoking session?

Does the size of hookah really makes all that difference? (I have three of all sizes and non of them really can reach my goals...)

Well, thanks for your help guys!!!!!!!!!!!

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