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Default Re: More and more white smoke...

It sounds like you need to stock up on a few supplies. Check out our vendor section, I think they all ship internationally, plus they will all have pictures and descriptions of the items we're all talking about. I recommend *************.com because they carry everything that I think you will need.

1. Tobacco with higher glycerine amounts create more smoke. I
reccomend Al Fahker or Starbuzz.

2. These are normally wetter tobaccos. I prefer phunnel bowls because
there will be no liquid dripping down the stem

3. Wider gauge/bore hoses. Razan hoses come in a variety of colors and
are washable.

4. Heat creates more smoke also. ************* has thier own brand of coals
that are coconut shell based, which are not only good for heat, but also do not
distort the flavorings of tobacco like other types of coals may do.

5. I'm not going into a discussion about Hookah brands. Look around the
website and determine yourself. I don't know what kind of hookah you
are using.. but some are simply better than others.

I hope this helps. Look around the website..I'm pretty sure all the answers to your questions are here...

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