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Default Re: Cairo: Nest of Spies

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I while ago various thread about narghiles in films came up so I thought i'd talk about this French DVD I picked up. It's called OSS 117: Cairo, nest of Spies and it stars Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo and Aure Atika. It’s spoof on old Spy movies from the ‘60s like In Like Flint, the Pretenders and James Bond and it takes place in 1955. Basically, this French spy goes to Cairo to deal with Russians, Nazis, pro and anti Nasser factions and some religious fanatics. The spy is an arrogant, racist, ego-maniac a la James Bond that offends everyone he deals with and some of the scenes are pretty funny.

Anyway, they have a pretty funny scene where the French spy is smoking a narghile and some Egyptian monarchist is talking about how great shisha is and how it encourages friendship and intelligent conversation and about how he plans to stop Nasser. Naturally, the French spy says a bunch of outrageously insensitive stuff and gets thrown out of the café. They also have a pretty funny scene where the spy plays an oud and the French ambassador predicts sunny days ahead for the French colonial empire.
I would definitely want to watch this ! LOL
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