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Default How to Prepare Traditional Molasses

After reading the "Desi Murli is the best" thread I got really excited about maybe getting my hand on some. I checked out the hookah1 site and saw all the tasty flavors they carry (I am looking forward to almond!) and then I realized this stuff comes dry and I have never prepared traditional molasses.

So...Can anyone share there thoughts about how to prepare this stuff if I do end up getting some. How do you do it? I'm sure everyone does it differently to match there own preferences but what is a general guide line for the proportions of glycerine and honey. Do you use one or the other? Do you use both? And are there other things you can add to change the way it smokes?
Also what would adding more glycerin do? or adding more honey?

I know its a lot but I'm sure there are a few other newbs like me that would appreciate the insight. I feel like preparing your own would really add to the quality of my smoke and you can appreciate it more that way. Thanks for all the help guys!
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