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Default Re: What kind of coals are these

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Yeah I don't like surprises all that much and she is doing christmas shopping wicked early cause we are broke. It is less painful to spread it out. So she made a few mistakes. She had been looking at hookahs and things cause we both wanted one because we fell in love with the ones a Lizzy's. So one night she was showing me one and being all in control of the screen but I saw the paid check mark. She showed me pictures to see what I thought and it looked wicked cool and was dirt cheap. Also actual Egyptian. When it came in she was all excited cause of all the stuff that came in it so she just had to tell me. She is enforcing the rules and well it is kind of in a fortress at the moment. The in-laws' bed room closet. No way I am going in there especially to pull it out and smoke it. So yes I must wait. Builds character or something like that.

I looked up some of the stuff it came with. Some generic mouth pieces that fit the hose. The hose I can't quite figure out so I won't bother looking. The coals seem to be a generic brand of quick lights that that store carries. Saalaam tobaccoless molasses seems to be the only Herbal anyone here likes very much at all.

I do plan to get some CH coals I debated CH or Coconaras but I am thiniking CH but the instant lights cause I want to minimize the start up costs and I already need a wind screen some more tobacco and some hoses or a washable hose. I don't want to get into the single burner stove just yet and for the first few smokes I want to keep it as simple as possible. The coals at the place we go are quicklights and don't have any taste and we light them right up at the table and haven't really noticed much smell. I will probably find out what they are too just to check.

Anyway thanks guys. I found some stuff out and I suppose the coals are just cheapo generics and who knows what they will be like.
you dont notice QLs have a taste until you smoke naturals for a little bit. also per coal naturals are more expensive but they give 2-3 times the burn time (depending on which you compare). also id you use naturals it is really worth the $ to get the stove, i put it off then after 1 smoke of my hookahs with naturals i went and got one.

just as an example QLs are 10-15 cents a pop if you buy them in bulk, cocos are about 17 cents a pop, if you use 2 of each per session (1 QL after another or 2 cocos at once) you will get the same time if not a little longer from the cocos. so cost difference is really minimal, heck the CH coals are cheaper and supposedly last as long if not longer than cocos from what i have seen on line
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