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Default Re: shisha and allergies

Originally Posted by -FliM- View Post
If you have anyone smoking with you with a known allergy, do not usy any shisha that might have that flavoring. It may not strictly be necessary, but the reality is if they get a reaction, the first way you're going to find out is them not being able to's not like they'll get a rash on their hand, they will have lung and throat problems! Do'n't chance it, there are plenty of other flavours in the sea.
well it really depends on the reaction they have when they eat it, just because they get sick to their stomachs doenst mean they will have any respiratory distress from it, and im not even sure if they would get sick.

i still would stray from the shishas with the item in them but if it is a stomach issue it may not hit them at all

also if the only info you can get of a flavoring is "natural" and/or "artificial" you probably want to stray from that because a lot of those have things in them that the person using them dont even know

as to something like chocolate i had a friend that when we were little had a chocolate allergy but he just got a basically allergies you would expect from pollen or cats, so the level/type of allergy is also a factor here (but i would be willing to bet the chocolate shishas do not have chocolate in them just a flavoring but dont even think of using that as your answer)

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