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Default Re: What kind of coals are these

Yeah I definitely want to get naturals but I am trying to think about getting set up quick and the bare essentials for my first few smokes. There will be some stuff to pick up along the way. Also I think there will be times when both will serve their purpose. I am thinking starting with QL CH or 3kings coals and eventually getting the CH naturals and the burner from walgreen's or biglots or Lowes and I can use gift cards from the wedding. Hey now there is a thought. At CH the CH naturals are cheaper than the INstant lights. They cost the same but the IL's are a little larger so you get fewer for the same price.

See I have very little money and to say very little is to make it sound better than it is. So I am thinking wind cover, washable hose, and a sampler of 50g shishas of different brands and flavors are essentials to start a couple of rolls of QL's from the local markets will get me started. I do plan to get the single burner and naturals later but I am just thinking about getting off the ground first as quickly and cheaply as possible.
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