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Originally Posted by Divine View Post
Started off smoking Tangiers passionfruit:
38" KM Chiller, had vase / chiller loaded with ice.
3 CH Natural (fully lit) coals
Phunnel Bowl - Circular holes on inner / outter edges.

I've yet to have a good experience with Tangiers Passionfruit (my only flavor ever tried) I smoked it with the three coals on at first, and it was harsh as hell. Leaving a very charry taste in my throat. I took off coals, blew in it a bit and cooled it down, put a single coal back on and attempted to smoke. Still I experienced a very char-like taste, and it was just plain HARSH.

I went to purge the bad smoke and my ball-bearing was stuck so I blew harder and water came out of the top of my hookah, saturated my coals, and left me with quite the mess to clean up.

I decided to continue on. Cleaned up the entire mess, cleaned the hookah, re-lit some natural coals, loaded a new phunnel bowl of AF-Gold Grape. Lovin' the smoke, and only about 3 pulls in I pulled my hookah hose a little too far without realizing and the whole hookah toppled to the floor. FOUR coals were dispersed throughout the air -- in flight towards my computer. Luckily only 2 of the coals hit the carpet, one hit my mouse pad (glass) and the other was a mystery. About 2 minutes later I realized the coal had landed on a CD that just so happened to be under my computer desk. -1 WoW CD, but at least I saved some carpet.

Giving it ANOTHER GO. Hope I can end this night well.

i remember one night i couldnt get my coals lit and when i did i dropped it and i remember being unbelievably mad i don know what would happen if THAT ever happens to me
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