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Default Re: Hard Decession, can someone help me?

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Can I jump in and ask a question? If you were getting a washable hose would it be the Razan or would you want a different one? Is washable going to make that much difference and why?

Questions I think he is getting to and I am kind of wondering.
flavor can stick in a hose and make future sessions less enjoyable. Eventually the flavor gets muddy. Washable hoses allow you to run water through them and clean out the old residue.

Hoses are made from leather and metal so the eventually break down from having so much moisture running through them. washable hoses are made to have water passed through them and thus do not break down like this.

Razan and nammor hoses are both high draw washable hoses that look bad ass. I have had a few issues with the nammor that were understandable and easily fixed.
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