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Default Re: Hard Decession, can someone help me?

In my opinion, there are just so many good reasons to go with the Razan hose compared to others. I don't really like the handles either, but the sheer awesomeness of the hose makes up for that and then some. The diameter of the hose is bigger so the pull is easier. You can get a larger volume of smoke with less effort and the smoke is denser which means bigger/thicker clouds. It's also washable which is really nice. To compare it to my cobra hose that came with my hookah, the cobra has a rather tight draw conpared to the Razan. Also, I let some friends borrow it for a while and they didn't blow the hose out after each use so a bunch of stuff is stuck in it. I have tried to blow it out but it just doesn't work. I can't wash it or I'll ruin the hose. With the Razan you don't have that problem; no little bits of stuff flying into your mouth when you inhale.
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