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Default Re: Yazdgird Jurak & Tobac Question

Well the thing is that the more exotic stuff I get I get sporadically and I can't choose the flavours or the amounts. I just take what I can get. Basically what I do is give half of the exotic stuff to friends on the condition that that they give half of what give them to people (mainly HPers) that will appreciate trying something off the beaten path.

kingboyb, the reason that such a vendor does not and can not exist is the nature of the products. Most of the more exotic stuff I get is made by very small, family owned businesses that basically sell stuff out of a single cafe or their home to people that live within a few kilometers range. Typically these little firms make everything by hand, have just a few flavours and literally only make a few 100 kilos per month and often less. These little firms also can't afford modern packing equipment so they simply wrap the moassel or jurak up in wax papper and tie a string around it. Typically they don't even have labels but just a sticker with the brand name, flavour and how many days worth of smoke you can expect. Also the traditional stuff doesn't have any preservatives and it simply can't sit in wear houses and shipping containers for months.
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