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Default Re: Need help, had a bad first session

Originally Posted by OCMusicJunkie View Post
The ONLY quick lights I'll use are Three Kings or ******* Hookah. If you buy Three Kings, be VERY careful not to get knock-offs. The real ones come in tight rolls, like you wrapped them in tin foil. The knockoff rolls come in loose wrappers with both ends heat sealed and no markings. Also, the legit ones only come in the standard size- the oversize ones are fake. Oh- and any 3K box that has plastic wrap is FAKE.

If you get either of those brands, let them fully light. This means blowing on them and having the entire coal turn red- any black and there is still unburned lighting chemicals you'll be smoking. Getting them fully lit takes a good minute or two for the 3K, and about a minute for ******* coals.
that's interesting about the Three Kings, makes sense because the local shop here sells the knockoffs (which until I read your post, I didn't know they were knockoffs) no wonder they were horrible, like crumbled so easily
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