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Default Re: State of the Hookah Union Address

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
Bite your tongue Hajo. I hope not and don't believe that but we can open a thread about that separately.
(quick thread jack Hajo, I have sent my father inlaw to Tyre on a mission to find the shisha nazi, more to come later)
Sadly John, I think Hajo is partly right. Alot of us found hookah to be a hobby, and something that brings friends and family closer. I say this with no offence to anyone; HP members, Vendors, and Sam. I'm willing to bet that 45% of the poeple on the forum (actively posting) will be gone in the next 8-14 months due to lack of interest. The hookah economy is college fueled, and there will always be a need for hookahs and it products. Just what I think we are seeing now, is an approaching climax of hookah into the mainstream. Like all cultures that hit mainstream, never stay mainstream.
On a different note; I own a chinese knock off that has done flawless wonders for me for the past 2 years. I own a brandname that has been a headache, but the quality of the metal is outstanding. That is the only reason I am not wrapping it around my knee, so I've just hit a few bumps in the road. Few new parts and it will be a knock out.
This is just a wave we all have to ride out and it will come and go. The crap will flood in and it will be bought up. Soon interest will begin to slow, and maybe some real quality products will be rolled out to revamp the industry.

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