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Default glycerin

I have a problem w/glycerin based shisha. I'm gonna be honest. I've never smoked a shisha with glycerin in it that I really enjoyed. It just always seems to be unbelievably sweet. now I'm sure this is a matter of taste because many of my fellow hookah pro shisha enthusiasts enjoy the many brands that use it. I've tried pharaohs, king moassall, al waha,romman, and most recently fusion(see new reviews) and just can't seem to get over it.
I just seem to have a prefference for the more traditional, moallasses/honey based products(my favs.btw, are fahker, havana, and al nahkla).
I have the utmost respect for the tastes and opinions of all my friends here @ hookah pro and would just like to know how the rest of you guys 'n gals feel about this topic. And please, inshallah, lets not let this turn into another "tangiers" type "I'm right ,your wrong" type thread.I'm truly interested in all of your opinions and that's why I'm bringing it up.
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