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Default Re: Hookah-Hookah hose not reviewed

Yeah I keep trying to find a way around it but the Razan is just too awesome sounding. I did think about the H-S hose. My understanding is or best I can tell from the reviews those who have it and not a Razan love it and those that have both say it is really nice but not a Razan. The only problem is they are wicked ugly and look like a freaking vacuum cleaner hose with plastic mouth pieces. A cover will only cover the hose part up. The Razan looks like the best solution the only thing I don't like about it are those sweat bands. They remind me too much of my sisters' hairties from the 80's and 90's. Kind of grosses me out actually. But everything I have read touts them as the ultimate hose. SO I may be asking for that from someone else for Christmas. Maybe the in-laws.
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