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Default Hookah for Gift - Need Help

Hello everyone! First post here.
I actually haven't smoked a hookah before (to be rectified), but my girlfriend has on occasion. Her birthday is approaching and she had mentioned she had always wanted her own hookah, so I'm here asking for some advice.

So...I'm trying to stay under $100. It's unlikely she'll ever smoke alone; more likely, it'll be at least a small group. With that in mind, I was thinking 2 or 3 hoses for convenience (or at least a single hose hookah that can have additional hoses added later). I'd also like it to be of good quality.

I've been looking around for a bit, and a few I'm thinking about right now are the 23" MYA Acrylic, 26" Sphinx from hookah-shisha, and the 22" Nile from hookah-shisha. I'm thinking of also adding on a heba diffuser.

Any comments/advice on the ones I've mentioned or any other suitable hookahs will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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