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Default Re: Egyptians Vs Syrians

I know Syrians tend to be heavier and slightly more bulky in the build. They tend to be more ornate and often look more "machined" than handmade. Many Syrians come apart. Most modern Syrians do have the standard Egyptians head styles - although the orginial did have the male head fitting.

A good Egyptian is a soild hand made rig. Most are stainless steel, although some have a brass core and or other metals in the stem construction. They tend to look less machined, more hand made. They can get ornate, but most are more "plain" looking, very traditional in style.

Most of the true Egyptians I've have have been larger (bowl port, stem port, purge valve) than the more modern hookahs or my Syrians.

I have 3 Syrains, 1 Egyptian, 1 Modern..... I like both my Egyptian and Syrains about the same. I like the traditional shape of the Egyptian, but the ornatness and extra "heaviness" of the Syrians makes it feel much more.... worthly? It's hard to explain.
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