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Default Re: How to Prepare Traditional Molasses

I love reading those stories and seeing all the pictures of the Canary Islands or Honduras and such and reading about how the leaves are fermented.

Small, family owned maossel/jurak makers use processes every bit as involved as making top notch cigars. Women strip out the stems from the tobacco leaves after having them hang and cure followed by cutting and mixing the various verieties of leaves with molasses which is baked at low tempratures for short periods of time. After the "cooking" the tobacco/molasses mix is placed in drums with various spice/herb extracts made locally and aged before being packed. The smaller family style brands don't use glycerine or any sort of fruit flavours.

As to preparing tradtional moasels and juraks I have a couple of articles about how to so that here and at Check them out if you want to know how much of what to add.
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