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Default Re: State of the Hookah Union Address

As to Mya I have way more experience with that brand then I could ever want. When I owned a narghile cafe/book & record store in the states I started out buying 100 QTs and 100 higher priced Myas (the model name I can't recall any more but it had a pyramid shaped base and was about 32") and within 6 months I had significant problems that resulted in about half of the TQs and about a third of the other model needing to be tossed. I slowly switched to KM and El Ashrey over the course of the next six months and had no problems what so ever other then the occasional vase getting broken which is part of owning a cafe. I gave away what few Myas weren't trashed to my better customers when I had enough KMs and El Ashreys.

Since then my experience with Myas has gotten worse with the various models I bought or were given to me as gifts. I have known so many people that have had horrid quality problems with Mya that I wouldn't take one if they were free.

As to why people buy crap rigs the answer is that they have idea how to judge a narghile for quality construction so anything shinny and mod looking is what they will buy if it's cheap. Often times people are happy with crap for the simple reason that they can blow big clouds and get sugary tastes and that is the extent of what they expect.

The good news is that within a couple of years i'd be willing to bet that 70% or more of the people that smoke will have gone on to find a new trend to follow. When that happens we will see a massive decline in crap sales as the people still into this hobby will want quality products and know how to use them.
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