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Default Re: What makes the cut?

the general idea is that finer cut shisha is lower quality/cheaper tobacco.

also of times with finer cuts there are more stems in there (which also is thought to be low quality but i think that one is stupid).

fine shisha is harder to pack because it falls though the hole and plugs the holes more easily.

i like larger leafed stuff but not like crazy huge leaves (ive gotten some al waha that had a leaf that when opened up all the way was literally almost 2X2 inch, thats overly big) a lot of the shisha that has larger leafes though the leaves and kinda rolled/folded on them selves, and i find that opening then up gives better flavor, maybe doesn't last as long but we are talking 60 min bowls with some fresh shisha left in the bottom any way.

i dont see any reason you would want to shred your shisha up more, it would probably not improve the smoke, probably make it harder to pull, and make you use a little more since you will be able to fit a little more in the bowl if it is all fine cut

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