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Default Re: What Shishas arnt Tabacoo?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record i'll repeat a few things that keep coming up -

1) Anti-tobacco research is filled to the brim with shoddy methodology designed to advance a prohibitionist agenda. While it's apparent that tobacco consumption entails a significant risk it's also obvious that the quality of the "research" is so poor and the risks so exaggerated that the whole field offers very little of substance.
2) The non-tobacco based moassel like stuff IS NOT HERBAL because it's made from spent sugar cane which is not a herb.
3) The real danger from smoking narghiles comes from coals rather then tobacco.
4) There is no reason at all to presume that smoking a sugar cane/honey/glycerin/flauvoring combo with coals is any safer then smoking a tobacco/honey/glycerin/flauvoring combo with coals
5) Tar like substances are are found in the same concentration in faux-maossel as in the real stuff
6) Your exposure to CO will be the same no matter what you smoke given the use of the same rig, hose, coals and smoking method
7) How you smoke is more important then what you smoke. If you want to minimize your risks don't inhale.

As to faux-moassel I know of the following brands: Soex, Black Label, High Life and Salaam. The first 3 are crap and I haven't tasted the last one so I don't know if it's any good.
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