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Default Re: State of the Hookah Union Address

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Sorry. we do apparently have the largest Kurdish population in the US. However, usually when I am finding Hookahs or hookah places they are run by Persians and/or Lebanese people.

Also sorry I guess it is Arab people and Arabic is a language right?

So maybe to make my previous statements more accurate I should say we have a large Middle Eastern Population. South of Nashville I mostly meet Persians and Egyptians. None of the Egyptians smoke Hookahs and most of the Persians I meet do and I find that odd for some reason. Probably because Egyptian hookahs are so popular. Any way it is still surprising that there aren't more Hookah places. Though I am finding now that almost all of the discount tobacco places have some Hookah stuff albeit a small selection. But it can be found.

Sorry didn't mean to misspeak.
Yes Arab is the people and Arabic is the language

No problem I know u meant well You are a decent, polite guy .

And btw, Kurds are not Arabs either
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