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Default Re: State of the Hookah Union Address

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Sorry. we do apparently have the largest Kurdish population in the US. However, usually when I am finding Hookahs or hookah places they are run by Persians and/or Lebanese people.

Also sorry I guess it is Arab people and Arabic is a language right?

So maybe to make my previous statements more accurate I should say we have a large Middle Eastern Population. South of Nashville I mostly meet Persians and Egyptians. None of the Egyptians smoke Hookahs and most of the Persians I meet do and I find that odd for some reason. Probably because Egyptian hookahs are so popular. Any way it is still surprising that there aren't more Hookah places. Though I am finding now that almost all of the discount tobacco places have some Hookah stuff albeit a small selection. But it can be found.

Sorry didn't mean to misspeak.
Arabs are a Semitic ethnic group while Arabic is is their language. Arabs have a wide variety of indigenous religious affiliations so it would be a mistake to make generalizations in that area although to you your credit you have not done so. Kurds and Persians are not Arabs and the later are not predominately Semitic in genetic or cultural terms.

Still, some debate exists about the cultural unity provided by the Arabic language as a result of widespread diglossia. In this sense Arab cultural unity faces the same challenges that German nationalism faced during much of the Imperial era. If you are interested in this sort of thing the writings of Sati al Husri are highly recomended.
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