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Default My new MZ and phunnel have arrived!

Hey guys, no pics because I'm at work and was more interested in giving it a smoke than a photo shoot this morning when it arrived haha!

Just got my 32" Magdy Zidan Horas in blue from John at *************.com, always a pleasure, thanks again John.

Took it out, it dwarfs my Mya Gelato, same height as the gelato on the table when it sits on the floor!

Nice big blue vase, no problems getting a few trays of ice cubes in there (made sure to put the water in for a bit first, don't want to crack the vase on the first smoke!).

Unwrapped the AF mint I got with it and gave it a whirl - I was actually about 20 minutes into a Al Waha Cola bowl with a bit of Afzal mint in the bottom when the courier came by, so I already had the mint flavour.

Washed everything, packed the phunnel, which was easy having read so much about them on here, put my holes in the foil (3 squares for the coles with a few holes in between each square to get fresh air through as well) and lit up my coals.

I've been using exoticas for the last week and at first was not a fan as I thought they were giving me nasty hookah head, even when lit properly. I've since realised it's actually the Starbuzz I got last week that is doing that to me and my mates. So no more SB for me! John talked me into giving the ******* hookah naturals a try so I got a box of them sent out. A few minutes on my gas stove and they were red hot and good to go. I didn't seem to be able to get the whole thing glowing at once, but I knew they were burning so I put them on and away I went!

The very first pull I took was a HUGE cloud, I dutched up my room in 2 hits without trying! The shisha nearly burnt after about 10 seconds of having the coals right on them though (MAN those ch naturals put out a lot of heat) but with a little playing I had the heat under control. Kept 3 on but hung them over the side of the bowl.

For the next hour and a bit the smoke was thick, tasty and smooth. If you don't have a phunnel yet, pick one up! The medium tangier's phunnel took about 1/2 the shisha as my standard ceramic bowl to fill. So maybe my old bowls were just way to big! The clay egyptian that came with the MZ takes about 1/3 the amount of shisha as my normal bowls so I think that's the case. EDIT: The shisha was still juicy and smokable when the coals burned out too small to give off enough heat. I'd say I could throw a new set on when I get home and smoke for a while longer without repacking.

I had a great session, VERY happy with the MZ (and it purges fully and easily as well! My Mya doesn't purge the base very well at all, only good for getting smoke out of the hose). Very handy having such a big ashing tray, I no longer need to use my coal holder as a tray for ashing. More than enough room to drop them in and move em around.

Looking forward to coming home tonight and throwing some peach in!

Happy smoking guys, if I can be bothered cleaning up my room when I get home I'll post pics


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