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Default Re: the new chill spot

Originally Posted by III_3_TDS_3_III View Post
so last night i was driving a couple of my buddies home from a party with my hookah in back of course. to get back to town we have to go throught the country which has recently been turned into a windfarm. my buddies were really wanting to smoke and of course i was down for it so the best spot we found was a little service road up to the windmill thats when i decide to go all the way up to the windmill so im right under the blades we got out and chilled in the bed of my truck and smoked two bowls just staring at the massive blades turn (if you have never been close to one of these things they are enormous) it was oddly relaxing and i will deffinetly go again soon.

(story was for if anyone really cared)

what is your guys favorite smoking spots
Anywhere with a few but that isn't too windy is great
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