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Default Re: Smiley's Tobacco

Actually i went to smiley's about two months ago. was pretty run down. all they sold nothing but fumari and zhagoul mixes. pretty bad experience the set up a filthy glass bowl in a raunchy MZ and topped it with warm water in the base. it seemed that the stem hadnt been cleaned since truman upset dewey, every time i purged a thick black goop ran out of the purge valve. staff didnt seem too knowledgable, they used jap silver tabs but when i asked about other coals (i was playing dumb) he told me that there are coconut material coals. these coals are hard to come buy since in his words "they are made only by one guy in oregon who only makes them once every couple years". on the plus side they did have a good selection of fumari, (i picked up some tropical punch) but it is alittle pricey.
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