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Default Store near my house

There is a store near my house called Golden Star. It has all sorts of Middle Eastern and some Indian foods and a huge fresh fruit area and some homemade looking dishes from those areas. They have some Hookahs at great prices but I am not sure the brands or make or anything but they don't look to have machinery markings so they seem to be handmade. Small selection and all that but I wanted to ask about the Shisha tobaccos. They have many different Nakhla flavors in two different shaped boxes. Looked to me like they may have 100g boxes but I didn't think Nakhla made those. So I am not sure what I was seeing. You can't really get close to them since they are behind the cash registers and in front of the cash registers are sliding glass freezers with frozen foods in them. So you kind of have to look over everyone and stand in people's way to browse. I want to know what comes in a box that is square on the front and kind of looks like maybe Al Fakher graphics but has no English on it except for the flavor (banana flavor, grape flavor, strawberry flavor, etc). Not sure what brand it is. Also there was one that looked like it may say El or Al Bashawa. Could be wrong about it it was block letters and I was wearing 3 or 4 year old glasses instead of my contacts.

Can anyone tell me anything about the two I saw by description or am I chasing a wild goose?
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