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Default Re: NEW hose icer!

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
thank you, you can get a little "cooler" smoke with ice water but it lasts what 20 mins before the ice has melted and then you just have cool water. glass has really bad thermal transfer of heat so all the temp increase to the water/ice is from the smoke going through it and idk about any one else by my water never gets very warm even after 3-5 hours

kal is absolutely right! cooler smoke makes for a diminished flavor.And the fact is, ice in the base is just fine.Smoke is not so hot as to make your water warm.A half dozen ice cubes in the base and your water should stay cool for the majority of your session. Personaly, I only use tap water in my vase.
And thefact is, while this is theorheticly, a good idea, it's an accident waiting to happen.Do you really think you could strap this onto a KM stem(most kms are simply a stainless downstem w/hollow shapes welded around it, making them very lite.) and not have the rig tip over? keep in mind there willl be a hose attached as well.
I don't mean to be a wet blanket. I wholeheartedly support new inovations regarding our hobby. I just have doubts regarding this one in particular.
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