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Default f*** broke my nammor (not the usual break)

so i just finished a session and went to put my nammor up and dropped the tail end of it and it hit teh concrete floor of my apartment and i heard a "tick, clink clink clink" and looked down to see the part that fits in my port broke clean off where it has the cut in. no real way to fix it easily since its on the acrylic and on the piece that is attached to the hose so i guess im spending the 22 for a new one.

H-S is being really cool and letting me pick one up when i send in my hose hub off my rotator for repair and not have to pay for the shipping on it since they were covering the repair's shipping.

o well at least i have an extra nammor since its a 2 hoser but still sad face, going to try to fix this one but i think its going to be a PITA to do it

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