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Default A few hookah questions i've been dying to ask.

Since i've been a part of the whole online hookah community for a while now, and a few questions have arose that i haven't seen asked specifically before.

What exactly IS the difference beween, say, a KM and a cheap hookah you get at a flea market? I understand the better quality hookahs purge better, and i understand that some crappy hookahs are made with chrome plating which will just fall off and corrode over time, but this is not the case for all hookahs.

And, how does everyone righteously assume any hookah that is not a KM or MZ etc. is automatically a chinese piece of crap?

I say this because one of my hookahs, usually the one i travel with is a small 15" i got from a boardwalk for about 40 bucks. I've never once had the necessity to purge it, but it seems the purge valve works just fine since i just tried it out now. It smokes fine when i'm out smoking it, it was my first hookah about 8 months ago and the only problem i've had with it is the downstem rusting because i scrubbed it way too hard with brillo and wore down the metal. I replaced that though no problem.

And can someone please explain to me how a longer stem = richer, thicker smoke? I just see hookahs as very, very simple pipes and the physics of all these assumptions just don not make sense in my head. Basically i'm just looking for some sort of legitimate answer to these questions, it's been bugging me. I've smoked hookahs at bars, and friends hookahs (one was a KM, and another was this beast 4 hose hookah that stood about 4 feet tall) and i truly did not notice a difference in smoke quality. They were a lot more fun to smoke out of, and made some beastly noises.
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