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Default Re: A few hookah questions i've been dying to ask.

About the only thing I can tell the stem does is possibly help cool the smoke before it gets to the water. Though I can't imagine that really does as much for the smoke that gets to the hose as it does for just making the water feel better. LOL. The really small ones though would have smaller bases. Physicswise I would almost say you would get thicker richer smoke from a shorter hose just because less pressure is required to get the smoke from the bowl to the base. The biggest thing as far as quality of a hookah that I can tell has scientific basis is the base needs to have a large smoke resevoir. The larger the smoke resevoir the more smoke builds up and the better your draws will be. The more surface area the water has the better for cooling. So the smaller pipes usually haveing smaller bases would make a difference Though with the right grommets I imagine you could make it work in some of the larger bases as long as the stem goes far enough down. Also the wider the hose the less pressure is required to draw the smoke from the stem. Other than that the longer stems are mainly for aesthetics best I can tell.
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