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Default Beginners guide?

Hi lads!

I have been looking around in this forum for a beginners guide to answer my questions but i havnt really found anything... if there is such thing would you be so kind as to direct me towards it? Thanks!

If it doesnt exist (witch i sincerely doubt) here are my first questions:

1) How much tobacco do you put?
2) How much water?
3) Foil: Shiny side in or out?
4) Coal: best one to use and how to use quick lighting coal?
5) Whats safer? Hooka or Smelly Cigarettes?
6) What are the best brands to look out for? (For tobacco and coal...)
7) The holes in the foil: How big? How many?

I know a lot of answers are out there but one person says black while the other says white so i have to admit that i am a little lost...

A reply to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. :-)
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