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Default Re: Beginners guide?

Sorry Fezz. Your explanations, though thorough, are kind of extra long.

1) How much tobacco do you put?
In a standard egyptian, it takes about 15g in my experience. BUt just fill the bowl with very lightly sprinkled in shisha until there is just 1/8 of an inch between the shisha and where your foil will be.

2) How much water?
As Fezzik said, until the bottom of the stem is sumbmerged by about an inch of water (or whatever you have in your base).

3) Foil: Shiny side in or out?
I honestly didn't know there was a shiny side... so i am going to go with it not mattering.

4) Coal: best one to use and how to use quick lighting coal?
Coconaras, ******* hookah naturals and exoticas i think are the people'e choice here at HP. As for lighting a quick light, hold it in your tongues, hold a lighter too it til you see it snap-crackle-pop, blow on it a couple times and set it in your tray until its completely ashed over, then its ready.

5) Whats safer? Hooka or Smelly Cigarettes?
Hookah is safer, but that doesn;t mean its good for you.

6) What are the best brands to look out for? (For tobacco and coal...)
Personally, i think Starbuzz tobacco is the best, but it does come down to opinion. I think Starbuzz has the most profound flavors, big smoke and it smokes forever. As for coals... i listed them earlier.

7) The holes in the foil: How big? How many?
This is mostly a trial and error thing. A good starting point is two circles of holes, one right along the edge of the bowl, spaced about 1/16-1/8 of an inch apart. Then a second circle about 1/8-1/4 inch towards the center fromt he first circle with the same spacing between each hole.
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