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Default Re: How many bowls per day?

Originally Posted by Mende View Post
Glad to see everyone posted! In England a hookah in a lounge costs like 5-10 pounds! Sounds very profitable cosnidering you can get an egyptian hookah for 10-30 pounds and 250 gram packets of shisha for 5-10 pounds. If one could get orders from Syria or Egypt those prices would go waaay down. Hookah lounges here must make a lot of money . .if the licenses wouldn't be that expensive. It's way more economic still to smoke at home or with friends from a privately owned hookah altho even that is still more expensive than other countries.
ya thats what i was thinking until i got to know some guys that work at the local place (basically run it AFAIK) and while they are packed a lot there is enough over head that its not to great

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