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Default First Tangiers experience

Alright guys, so I smoked some Tangiers Horchata today. I let it acclimate for about 5 hours, then it started smelling sort've cinnamony with extras included.

I packed the phunnel bowl super tight at first, I thought that's what i was supposed to do. I couldn't get any airflow whatsoever, so then I took off the foil, loosened it up. After that, I tried with 1 coal and was getting minimal smoke. I used 2 coals and got acceptable smoke (not thick clouds, but it wasn't thin and wispy). I was scared to go for 3 coals for Husky said anything over 1 is too much.

It packed quite a nicotine kick and the flavor was great (although I smoked Tropical punch right before it and forgot to blow out the hose, so it was a little weird for the first 15 minutes).

Any suggestions to help me get bigger clouds with Tangiers? For the hole pattern I made 3 circles of close together holes, larger than i normally do. one around the outside, one in the middle, and one in the inside. I packed it so air could flow through, and I don't know if "more heat" is a solution or not to this dilemma.
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