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Default Re: A few hookah questions i've been dying to ask.

Evil smokers of the hookah from Egypt have been practicing subversion over the years to try to convince the world that they make better hookahs, honestly, they make a decent pipe, better than any chinese i've smoked, but still, the elegance is always ruined by something. What the Egyptian style and smokeability does is mimic that of the obviously superior Syrian hookahs. One can merely go out in the streets of damascus, and purchase a 20" hookah part for part and itll be his own custom look while still reserving the traditionally elegant qualities of a Syrian hookah. One would be surprised by the quality of these generic pipes, as much as one would be surprised at the quality of a generic egpytian pipe. Its not the brand at all sir, its for most the nationality (obviously syria beats the egyptians on this one) closely followed by the quality of design.

I wrote that mostly to continue where I think I left off w/ the Egyptian, but nation hating aside, Quality of the stem is the biggest thing, if its wide, good at dissapating heat near the top, and made of something that wont kill you, then by all means get it if its visually appealing. You don't need a Nour, a KM, or a MZ. My favorite hookah is a generic syrian, puts my KM and Nour to shame sir. To SHAME!

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