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Default Re: Beginners guide?

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
Fezzik.. Great answer anyway even i very long.. I must just say something about answer number 1 about how much shisha..
U defenitly do not need that much shisha as a half 50gram pack for a bowl.. That is too much ! The mroe shisha does not mean more taste or smoke, in most cases I would say its even the opposite.. SHisha burns easier if its too much going to close to the foil and restricting airflow..
If you just sprinkle it down it will take more space since u dont push the shisha down, jsut put in in the bowl sprinkled and you will see that not that much shisha is really needed to get a perfect bowl..
Ah yeah about that. there were different sizes called standard apparently. So I kind of got one in my head which is a big mamajamma. Not sure if mine is like that or not. Though I have shown 15 gram standards to my wife and she says mine is about that wide maybe a little wider and definitely deeper and taller. SO I guess it all depends. I suppose the best thing is to just answer with the sprinkly lightly to allow air flow up to about an eighth of an inch or so from the lip of the bowl so that the foil doesn't touch the tobacco. It can be anywhere from 10 to 30g depending on the size and depth of the bowl.

Although there is one thing I am wondering about that. If you have a larger bowl than you need can you put less in it? Like put a half a bowl in or something or do you need a smaller bowl to smoke less? Like if mine really is a 20gram like I read somewhere can I put 15grams in it to smoke it or do I have to put that much in it.

If it is more like 15 grams that is awsome that means I will get 3 bowls out of a 50gram package and we are gathering 50gram packages like they were money or something.
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