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Default Re: Starting flavors

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
af apple (its ok) and watermelon (pretty good), i like the af mint too, cinnamon is a god mixer and the pipe is ok, since you are into pipes and cigars you may like it straight but if not its a god mixer to give a little body

i like nakhla apple

i would get a cola, ive only had alwaha and roman (i got some HH in my mix as the main part and it seemed ok) i liked the al waha best though but ive heard great things of al faker cola

Al Waha if I can find some good 50g packs on the list I have heard good things. Cola flavors kind of scare me a little but I am sure I will try one eventually Groovy thanks and Pipe was probably going to be on the list as well as I come across it. Sweet thanks.
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