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Default Re: Starting flavors

Originally Posted by Biloshambles View Post
as far as 50g goes, definitely go for the AF flavors, particularly grape, strawberry, caffe late is a fav of mine,

other brands? well some Layalina is not bad, and Romman is good too.

beyond that, Starbuzz and Fantasia, IMO
Layalina I will look for on the internet. I hear more and more about it but haven't actually seen it at the places I have been. Romman I heard was good stuff. I will keep my eyes peeled. I think I will get over to ******* Hookah on my next big purchase and load up on one of their buy a load get a load plus free deals on AF. So my Nakhla and AF stashes should be epic. The others will probably be more pick and choose since those appear to only be web purchases for me.
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