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Default Re: Favorite Shisha Pairings

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Blue Moon and anything citrus - especially good with some orange and cinnamon mixed.

Scotch with a traditional shisha (non flavored)

Wine with any berry flavor ..

most times I just have ice water, so as not to distract to much from the taste of the flavors

To be honest Sambooka you gave the exact answers I was expecting, especially scotch at traditional shisha, I figures that would be appropriate because I like scotch with cigars, and i would imagine it can't go good with fruity flavors, but you never know. I saw you clean your hookah with Blue Moon and knew you would agree with the blue moon/ citrus combo

I do the ice water thing when trying new flavors, or brands, but once I know what to expect I like to see what helps bring that flavor out even better...

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