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Default Re: Starting flavors

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
im going to be honest with my opinion, dont spend the money on the blend off final ten, the flavors are hit or very miss and they are very complicated. especially since you are pretty new to hookah i suggest staying with single flavors and simple mixes (i.e. 2 shishas of a very simple clean flavor like strawberry lemon, or mint and anything)

That was actually one of the driving forces to me getting the 50g packs of Nakhla and AF instead right off. There were a few of those blendoff flavors that sounded good but the others just sounded bad to me. There were some that got bounced earlier that I would have loved to try. But I also thought that being new it was more important for me to find some flavors that I dig and that can be kind of stand bys and then get into trying some mixes and things. By then I will get a fairly decent idea of at least the stuff I can easily get my hands on and make internet flavors and purchases more like occasional and special purposes and things like that.
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