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Default Re: Starting flavors

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
af mint is great, it is pretty minty and i have only mixed with it but it is nice and thick flavor, heavy but i dont think its overly strong, it has enough sweetness to be nice

as to industrial fall out, personally that was one of my lowest rated ones in my list so far (i still need to taste like 4 of them though) jilly's lemonade serenade was ok and sambookahs SAC was alright a little more spiced than apple cider though but they ranked pretty high in my list so far. i honestly like mine (captive cola) probably the best as something to smoke frequently, it wasnt perfect and there are plenty other made flavors i would smoke but i enjoy it and my friends did too so it cant be to bad. but i still want feedback from people on it just to know if i was crazy or if it worked.

as to coconut, its an ok flavor, i havent had the nakhla but i have the AF and its so so, i would mix with it (it mixes wonderfully with SB social smoke though)

Interesting so my wife should be good and happy and from my understanding it will give a nice cooling sensation in my chest cavity. LOL.
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