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Exclamation Frequently Asked Questions? (WIP)

Hey everybody, I'm going to make a hookah related FAQ thread for all the new people...I've come up with a few questions but I'm going to need some's my list so far...more will be added as more questions are posted, along with answers

1. Hookahs/Pipes/narghile
-What is a good beginner's hookah?
I want to get a quality hookah, what should I get?

2. Tobacco/Shisha
What kind of tobacco is good for a beginner?
My friend doesn't want to smoke tobacco, is herbal a good alternative?

3. Coals
What is the best kind of coal?
What is the difference between Quicklite and Natural?
How many coals should I use?

4. Bowls
What is so special about Phunnel/Vortex bowls?
What's the deal with these multi-headed bowls?

5. Foil/Screen
What kind of foil should I use, and what's this screen all about?
How many holes should I put in the foil, and what kind of pattern?

6. Hookah/Pipe/narghile Setup
How much tobacco should I put in the bowl?
How many holes should I put in the foil, and what kind of pattern?
How much water should I put in the base?
Can I put other liquids in the base besides water?
I'm barely getting any smoke, what's wrong?
When I try to take a puff, it's very hard, what's wrong?
My hookah/hose smells funny, should I clean it, and how can I?

7. Miscellaneous Questions
Is buying a new hose really that important?
How can I make my own hookah?
What is a good online store to order my hookah supplies from?
Where can I find discount codes for online stores?
How can I become an elite member, and what do I get for being one?

8. Acronyms
A. Tobacco/Shisha
B. Coal
C. Hookahs/Pipes/narghile

that's about all I could come up with for now, it's late and I'm going to bed..anyone got anything else?

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