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Default Re: Do youre in-laws smoke with you??

now thats funny, i haven't tried rose for years and I was about to, but my sister who still lives at home said she can't stand when he breaks out the rose. My parents in law is another story. When I am at their house it's in lebanon and it's limited and I haven't been there for almost 4 years. Anyways, it's pretty much Nakhla DA. When they come here it's all my choices, howerver in the last couple of years it's only been AF DA. The mom is coming in 3 weeks, she will only smoke if I am smoking and the father inlaw who smokes alot will be here after the new year. Either way they smoke what I present, and that will be a whole different story this year as the experience I have gained from HP is enourmous. I can't wait for each night to try something new, like the new AF's. Nakhla MIZO Grape, the sherezade line, all the SB they have never tried, basically everything I have tried new in the last year.
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