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Default Re: Hookah for Gift - Need Help

There have been multiple discussions about this. The big brands for Hookahs are like the big brands of anything else. You pretty well know you are getting good quality but for the most part you are paying for a brand name. Check the vendors in the vendor section. A few of those have really good prices. Check the vendor codes section for even better deals. Also look around there are possible deals to be had at discount tobacco shops and middle eastern or Mediterranean groceries that will have killer deals on well made hookahs. The pipes are really fairly simple so the biggest thing to look for and at are the seals. I guess it isn't talked about much but really that is what it boils down to. Quality is based on the width of the hoses, stem, and base as well as the air tightness of the pipe. If you get those two things and a material that won't oxidize in water then you are set. It is all relative too. The pipes I have smoked on so far aren't fancy, don't have wide hoses, or a particularly wide stem or anything like that they are low end really basic hookahs and I have to say I enjoy the experience a great deal. Would I enjoy it more with a Cadillac of hookahs? Probably but you can start out with about anything. Hoses are cheap, bowls are cheap, and better stems wouldn't be too bad so upgrading a starter hookah isn't the most expensive or difficult thing to do. I know that the Hookah my wife bought me cost 50 bucks with a ton of accessories and is a 32 inch. Do I expect it to be the best hookah in the world no but based on descriptions it is a lot better than the ones we have been smoking. So I am happy as punch. Will I buy a different bowl? Sure I already have my eye on the Vortex bowl. I already upgraded the hose or at least bought a washable version of the one that is on there. But none of that is going to be tough or expensive.

MZ, KM, or whatever is great. You know what you are getting but dude look around get what you can afford if you can look it over make sure it is decently wide enough to get good smoke and spend the rest on 50g shisha samples.
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