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Default Re: Frequently Asked Questions? (WIP)

Unfortunately, the biggest issue about making a general FAQ is that every person will end up having different answers to most of the questions you have asked. Also some people may not have access to some things or the ability to purchase all types of things.

But I will add some answers for you:

Is buying a new hose really that important?
A good hose can make or break a great session. You can get away with a cheap MYA hose, but the better quality of hose you have, the longer it will last and (for the most part) the better the session will be.

How can I make my own hookah?
There are many different methods, every person who has tried has come up with their own ideas from empty bottle, CD-cases, large hallow fruit and such not. A good part of making your own is trying to figure out "HOW" to make it.

What is a good online store to order my hookah supplies from?
There are several "well known" vendor sites to purchase supplies from. Nazar Hookah, MNHookah, ******* Hookah, Hookah-shisha, Hookah Company and more. Check out the vendor section for memeber's reviews on vendors.

Where can I find discount codes for online stores?
We do have a section for general "discount" codes. They are in the Vendor Deals section.

How can I become an elite member, and what do I get for being one?
Donation of $25 allows one to become an Elite. Becoming an Elite helps keep Hookah Pro up and running; spam-free, new features, updating and mantaing the forum. Also, becoming an Elite offers you access to the "Elite" Sub-forum which has E-member topics and sometimes specials.
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