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Lightbulb Idea to replace charcoal altogether

I was thinking . .what if someone made a heating device consisting of an adjustable electric element . .similar to the ones in our hairdriers or radiators . .that could be fitted above the aluminum foil of the hookah, instead of lit charcoal. Is there something like that available on the specialist market? If not would any of you see a problem with such a device? ( would it affect flavour? would it ruin the whole traditional hookah smoking atmosphere? etc?)

The advantages of this could be tremendous though - No nasty quicklite smell. . no ash on the stove. . no CO or CO2 in our lungs, no mess .. . fast hookah set-up time ..etc etc . .
Ofc it could be easily designed to be adjustable to fit most hookahs and also heat meters would be in place with various power settings. Also ways of insulating it so that it does not overheat the whole hookah or is a fire hazard could be put in place with ease.

Any Thoughts?
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