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Default Re: Look at My New Aqusition

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
thanks, the xt is all i have, but im not sure i want to smoke it in fear of previous users.
XTi is about the only digital I have played with to date that I liked very much. It felt a bit more like a film camera than some I have used.

Seems if you clean it out really well there wouldn't be much to fear. The sheer simplicity of the Hookah (again like old mechanical cameras) are simple enough that a good scrub down and a few checks here and there and it should be good as new. Especially with the screw in parts instead of Grommets. I wouldn't think there would be much residue. Though I suppose it makes a nice enough decoration. Just seems a shame. Even if they were using it for illegal substances the only ones of those I know of that would be hard to clean out of a pipe like that would not be smoked in a pipe like that more like a needle.
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