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Default Re: Your first hookah experience

honestly, i made sure to get in w/ the hookah bars around town, so i could set it up the way i wanted it, and so they wouldnt charge me 10 bucks for 2 bucks of supplies tops.

as for college, yeah, its cool that people discover it, but for me, and I went to Emory, I heard:

OMG You have a hookah?!!!
a) my friend made one at home depot
b) i tried it when i was in Israel, but why are you smoking it
c) like omg, what flavor?! I never did it but I heard its like smoking menthols
d) (censored)

and p.s. I tried it for the first time with my uncles in Syria when I was very little. I came back again when I was still to young to smoke in the US and smoked it, and then about the time I was old enough to smoke one legally here, I brought one back with me, I had to smuggle it cause my father is a lung doctor....

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